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Confessions of an "anti-vaxxer"

December 6, 2023

Recently I read this post called "The Normie Report" . I found it quite moving and it warranted a response. It was written by Mikel Roda (pen name) who is a subscriber to the PharmaFiles by Aussie17 substack. I don't want to take on the label of being an "anti-vaxxer", but I know people call me that in private settings and it has a very negative conotation, but I will do it for the purpose of writing this blog.

Right now our society is divided into two groups: the "normies" and the "anti-vaxxers" . A third group is emerging which is somewhere in the middle. There is no well established label for them, so let's call them the "I don't know what the heck is going on in the world" group. Oh heck, lets make up an acronym for this group, lets call them the IDK-ers. I wanted to reply to Mikel Roda's post from "the other side of the great divide".

Dear Mikel, First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to compose this article. I really appreciated reading it.

I can totally understand that in the middle of 2021, you came to the conclusion that it "was pretty obvious that getting vaccinated and helping society was the obvious and ethical thing to do". I also get why you said that "I couldn't understand why [the anti-vaxxers] would choose to leave their jobs and career instead of just getting a vaccine that would actually help them from getting sick and dying from covid". I think the vast majority  (at least 85%) of Canadians, would have agreed with you at the time. I am sorry to hear how your perspective changed in 2022 when a good friend "suddenly dropped dead while riding their pushbike home from work". This must have shaken you to the core and I am sorry that you had to go through that. My heart goes out to your friends wife and the young family he left behind. I had a compassionate chuckle when I read your words, "why isn't this on the news"? As you probably know by now, those of us unaffectionately called "anti-vaxxers" have had similar experiences in our life and a long period of integration after coming to terms with it. The only difference is that our group had these experiences long before covid or earlier in the pandemic than most. I want to give a shout out to Joe Rogan as well. His podcast has done so much for the young male audience in terms of explaining his perspective in a masculine way that appeals to that demographic. As a mother of two young men, I have thanked Joe Rogan out loud many times as my kids come back to me and say "oh my god mom, you were right. Joe Rogan said that on this podcast. I checked it out and it's true!"

I so agree with your comment, "I wish I could go back to the days when life was more pleasant, and I could watch 'the news', 'trust the government', and share similar beliefs with my colleagues". Me too my friend.. me too. In fact there are days when I wish I didn't understand the global governance system as much as I do. It's been really hard the last few years. Trying to encourage people to question things more for their own sake. It's like our group can see this giant rock of tryranny headed toward our entire population and others can't.

Thank you for your generous compliment to the global resistance group (composed of highly credentialed scientists, doctors, lawyers and economists supported by a global grass roots collective), "I am ashamed that I mocked people who wouldn't wear a mask or get the vaccines... they are the real heroes who somehow saw through it all". You have no idea how rare it is for us to receive compliments from "normies". It means a lot. Thank you!

This comment is 100% true if I could be so bold as to speak for my segment of the population. "It is my hope that, through this reports, people will start to smell the alarming stench of governemnt over-reach, .. pharma fraud and that they are prepared to ask questions... to open up a bit, reach out to friends who saw through the lies of 2020, 2021 and join with them in unity.. "for the people who saw through the lies WANT NOTHING MORE than solidarity and resistance against the obvious evil that is taking over our once democratic way of life. "

I agree that "the population, en masse, was brainwashed". I haven't ever been able to bring up the topic of fifth generation warfare to a normie because I don't want to look crazy. How do you politely tell someone they have been fooled without breaking the relaionship with them and making them feel bad? It's soo heartbreaking. Healing the divide is very important for our collective future.

I shed a tear when I read "I am walking away from my computer now and bowing my head ... say a prayer to god and I hope that I am empowered to.." I vividly remember the moment when I did something similar. I was sitting on a weekly call Doctors for Covid Ethics about 18 months ago. On this call Dr. Palmer and Dr. Bhakdi were presenting their analysis of the covid vaccines, when they realized that it would likely cause an acceleration in cancers, myocarditis and clotting. I turned off my camera, put my head in my palms and started to cry. I knew then that this was going to be horrible to witness, and I have to say it has been difficult emotionally.

I shudder when I hear someone say or hint that "if it wasn't on 'the news,' then it must be wrong". Then I very quickly have to gain my composure and let it go. If someone isn't ready there is no point in destroying the relationship to make my point. I think this is one of the biggest hurdles we as a society have to overcome. Investigative journalism in the mainstream media is gone, dead, non-existant. It's so sad..

Thank you for picking up on the fact "governments changed the definition of what a vaccine is". I saw that happen live, it was soo sneaky. I even mentioned it subtly on a recent blog I wrote. This one was written for a corporate audience so I only made a subtle reference, because using the v word is somewhat counterproductive in Canada these days. We are a naive population who has no history of a revolution so we don't have much of that spirit in our collective.

When you referred to "those WHO people" and the pandemic treaty due to be in place by May 2024 I applauded. I have spent many nights wondering what else I can do to stop it. Writing this blog made me feel better because at least I did this. I honestly believe that we have 5 months to stop the legal foundations for global tyranny being locked in place, never to return. These things aren't on the news. Sadly, Eisenhower was right in his famous farewell address in 1961. Most people don't seem to know this or believe it.

In response to your comment, "I think it is some sort of a spiritual awakening", I would have to agree.  As I was getting to know my new colleagues in the "resistance", I came to understand that the common thread among us was a belief in a benevolent force some called god, others called Buddha, Jesus or the creator.

Sadly, I have to agree with your analysis that "the next generation is doomed into a digital dystopia that would make George Orwell turn in his grave". I don't want to be a Debbie downer, and this is not my nature, I prefer to be the optimistic cheerleader I was in high school, but I can't be right now, the future of the next generation depends upon our population waking up and resisting imminent tyranny in my honest opinion.

Thank you Mikel for having the courage to write this, and doing something to help "heal the divide". If we can come together a bit more and realize humanity has a common enemy, we have a much better change of stopping this WHO treaty and creating a better future for the next generation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In gratitude and solidarity,

Karen (not that Karen lol!)


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