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Zancudo to Zurich

#flipflopstoshoes May 12, 2022

It was quite the journey from a small beach community in Southern Costa Rica to a modern urban centre in Switzerland. Three days later I arrived in Zurich. Unfortunately, my luggage did not arrive at the same time I did. I did a little shopping in Zurich, and dropped a few Swiss francs on one business suite. Hopefully my bag meets me in Malmö, Sweden tomorrow. I took a journey to downtown Zurich on a wonderful tram at 10 pm to search for allergy medicine. I found a pharmacy (apotheke in German) that was open and left downtown just after midnight. The streets appear very safe here late at night. The Swiss in general don't ear masks. The amount of bicycles here is so fun to see.

I woke up this morning, found an outdoor cafe, and had a wonderful fancy coffee. The hotel was kind enough to give me a toothbrush. I had a quick shower, changed back into the only clothes I currently own and headed off to the airport en route to Copenhagen (close to Malmö, Sweden). Directions have never been my specialty, so I went the wrong way on the tram and ended up on an unplanned detour through the beautiful city of Zurich.

Everyone here seems to speak at least 3 languages so it was fairly easy to get re-directed to the airport. The Swiss use Google Maps to navigate their incredible transit system. There are so many chocolate stores! I didn't have time to go to any as I was busy getting basic supplies. My credit card works here though so thats a good thing. I was getting nervous when my card was declined in Costa Rica. It's all good now. un poco un poco. One step at a time. Next step: train to Malmö, Sweden and the Northern Lights Conference


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