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Morphing from flip flops to high heels and business suits

#flipflopstoshoes May 2, 2022

As the global covid narrative starts to unwind, double down and be challenged by the people, the realities of the economic underpinnings have become more obvious to those of us who follow the money (and not the old media).

Citizens of the USA are slowly starting to realize that the privilege they have had by living in the country with the worlds reserve currency is in jeopardy. The BRICS alliance is starting to challenge the USD fiat currency, which will have an extremely negative impact on people living in USA to be able to afford both necessities and luxury items. Experienced independent financial analysts such as Catherine Austin Fitts and Chris Martenson are sounding the warning that sovereignty of many world governments is at risk. The formerly respected WHO (World Health Organization) has been exposed. The people have gathered together to resist the WHO power grab. The websites StopTheWho and DontYouDare have been created and are starting to reach parts of the mainstream. This power grab needs to be stopped. The WHO does not need extra powers to centralize control over the health of every citizen on the planet. Their response to covid has been a catastrophic failure in so many ways it would take 7 articles to explain it and I don’t have time right now. For the people that believe everything on TV is true, you might want to turn off your TV for a day or two and start talking to your neighbours and any friends you have lost contact with during the covid era. You could also peruse the World Council for Health website if you have a few hours to research a people powered independent perspective on covid.

The awake parts of humanity have been trying to help their neighbours understand that they have been victims of a military grade psychological operation. It feels like living in a science fiction movie for all of us. For those of us who have followed the money all along, it has been down right depressing predicting everything that was going to happen and not being listened to despite being right the vast majority of the time. Trust me, there is no joy about being right about what is going on right now and knowing a year or two before it hits the mainstream or traditional media. To be perfectly honest, it is heart breaking.

When my awakened friends ask me “Are they going to get away with it? Are they going to be stopped?”, my answer is “it depends on what the people do to resist and build a better way”. I would even go so far as to say the task before us is to create a new civilization. A human civilization where we respect the uniqueness of each human on the planet, where we care for our neighbours as much as we can, where we work together on projects that help restore the ecosystem and local economies. I am in no position to give anyone advice on what to do in this profound time in history as it is completely unpredictable. I can only say what I am doing:

1. I have connected with my neighbours as much as possible, even the ones who listen to mainstream media (I call it old media). I do not spend as much time with that sector of society as I should because it is really hard and takes a great deal of self-control.

2. I am in a local group that discusses how to grow your own food, how to bring the community together, monitors our local supply chain, and helps each other out when needed.

3. I am on the Steering Committee for the World Council for Health and I am attending our solutions-based conference in the UK.

4. I am on the logistics team for the Northern Light Convention in Sweden. I am attending this conference in Sweden and will be doing whatever is needed in the background.

5. I plan to be in Switzerland the weekend of June 28 to do whatever is needed to #StoptheWHO #StoptheTREATY

6. I do everything I can to support the local economy where I live.

7. I have stocked up on food, gasoline and other essentials.

So... that’s the situation in my little world. The task before me is to transform from “beach girl” who lives in flip flops and bathing suits to remember what it’s like to look and act like a professional woman. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my hair done, buy a business suit and shoes.OMG... shoes...I have not worn shoes in such a long time.I don’t even have a pair of professional shoes; I am going to have to figure out where to buy them and get used to those pesky shoes being on my feet 12 hours a day. Onward and upward team human! We have a common enemy… lets figure out who it is, stop the power grab, and unite to create a better way together. Unity and Community (Unidad y Communidad)



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