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Maple Syrup & Hockey

June 17, 2022 And so it begins... Maple Syrup & Hockey is the working title for the podcast. Well.. out of the blue I asked Dr. Neda Amani, MD to be one of my guests. To my surprise she accepted right away. This threw me into a bit of a pickle as I have soo much to do to transition this project from the idea stage into operations. Via synchronicity or divine time or whatever you call it, we have scheduled our interview for June 28th. This lands just before Canada Day (you aren't Canadian if you don't know what date that is hah hah). Working Title: Maple Syrup and Hockey

Logo draft:

Short description: This podcast is not about maple syrup and hockey. We will explore the Canadian Culture War (CCW) Hypothesis outlined here. We will for sure have some laughs, maybe even flash back to the Canadian Cultural Classic: The Bob and Doug McKenzie Show). Do you remember the theme song they used to start that show? Wasn't it "ku lu ku ku ku loo koo koo" or something like that? Here is a link if you want a bit of a refresher on the show. We will also deeply explore the problems in Canada right now and look for solutions and more importantly action steps that every Canadian can take to bring the Canadian culture back to life. Hey! if you want to join us and give us some of your personal maple syrup or hockey stories, we would love to hear from you eh? Let's do this! Go Canada!

Episode 1: We will explore the question, "What is consciousness and how does it impact the Canadian culture". Guest: Dr. Neda Amani, MD. Dr Amani was born in Iran, immigrated to Canada and became a medical doctor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Neda Amani is on the vanguard of preventive health care. She is currently residing in the USA.

More than just a doctor, she guides her patients onto a path of robust health. And she has determined that the best way forward is a team approach, harnessing the expertise of medical doctors, psychologists, registered dieticians, physiotherapists, massage therapists and yoga instructors into a full health care solution. This team approach was the genus of the Real You Program which she launched within the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) in 2006. Since its inception, over 800 leaders, officers and civilian members of the OPS have been through the program with high success rates, transforming her clients' health, lifestyles and outlook on life. Recording date: June 28 Release date: June 30


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