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Should I start a podcast?

June 16, 2022

This question has been going through my mind recently. As many of my close friends know I have been following the money for years now. I have been at the front line of cracking covid from the very beginning. I have been on the front line but behind the scenes. My network of doctors and medical professionals is HUGE and I have personal relationships with many international players. I am wondering though if its time to go on my own or partner with one other person in my trust network and start a podcast. The questions I ask myself are:

1. Would anyone listen?

2. how to design content so that it helps bring my Canadian friends and family together.

The last thing we need right now is more division. Our country is in serious trouble and in my opinion, very few Canadians understand how profoundly broken our country is. Any Canadian citizen that relies on the CBC for National or International News does not have enough understanding of monetary policy, the role of credit creation and/or the shenanigans that goes on behind the scenes to be able to make good decisions for future generations of Canadians.

Here is what I am thinking. What do you think? Title: TBD (maybe Sorry eh? - has to be Canadian theme as my target audience is my Canadian friends and family). Values: collaboration, empathy, transparency, compassion and goal oriented (I know its a weird combination of values but as a former Professional Project Manager it's the only way I know how to do things lol ) Idea: The podcast will focus on my hypothesis of where Canada is right now. I will invite guests onto the podcast from my deep network and see which elements of my hypothesis they agree with. Then, we will take questions from people listening in. I want to help my friends and family understand, discuss and even debate my hypothesis and get more active helping shape the future of our country for next generations. I will use Canadian content wherever possible but I will also draw on more vocal international experts who are ahead of the curve on understanding at least one of the areas in my hypothesis.

My hypothesis of the current state of Canada (CCW: Canadian Culture War):

- Canada is on the verge of a collapse into totalitarianism and very few Canadians understand that.

- We are in the middle of a psychological, spiritual, economic, political, information and cultural war. I call it World War 3 - Canada branch (CCW). This war will be remembered as the most subtle but devastating war on planet earth since we began marking time as AD.

- We are in a humanitarian crisis and we are nowhere near the end of it. Things will continue to get worse until a larger percentage of the population starts taking action in the right areas.

Operational Considerations:

- podcast will be conducted in English but transcribed into French or Spanish, I haven't decided which one yet. Likely it will be French as that is one of Canada's official languages.


- build bridges

- provide solutions

- educate through story and personal experience

- activate through compassionate solutions

- Have Fun!! (and connect with my Canadian network more frequently) Please comment below and let me know your thoughts. I am very interested in feedback. Have a great day eh? Con amor


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