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Citizens plan to Open Ontario

January 11, 2021

It is time to open up Ontario with a more compassionate and balanced plan! If you agree, please drop your Twitter and Gab handles here, send me an email to or share this via carrier pigeon lol. We the citizens are capable of gathering data and joining together to demand this. Yes, it has to be a balanced approach. We can start by organizing.

I do not know what is up with Doug Ford. Is he compromised or incapable of balancing data and compassion. I don’t know. Either way… WE THE PEOPLE need to come up with a plan and demand the province opens up again. We need

- People who know the actual statistics of ICU beds in Ontario

- Doctors who know the existing treatment protocol and are willing to go public with it

- Brave Canadians willing to stand up to compromised or incompetent provincial politicians.

- People who have very good data comparisons (mortality rate in Ontario for all causes for the past 5 years)

- Front line workers on suicide lines who are willing to provide data privately

- Data points on secondary impacts and experts willing to speak to these points

What else do we need? I am all ears. I don't know about you but I AM DONE analyzing this problem. It is time to “make a plan” and demand it! Come on Ontario residents. You know something is wrong here. It is time to show the world how Canada does things. We get things done politely, decisively and with compassion. Let's go!


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