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Byebye Facebook and Whatsapp

January 9, 2021 Censorship is ramping up! Posting any content on Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp should be done with an understanding that there is an approved narrative out there and anyone who goes against it will be monitored. Goodbye WhatsApp and Facebook!!

January 8, 2021 The events of the last few days have been horrifying for all of us. For those of us who have been studying systemic corruption for years, these last few days have been extremely challenging. For those of us who identify with the movie The Matrix and have had the life experience of taking the red/truth pill, we are experiencing these days different than most people in the mainstream (and different again to those who naively view the world through the left/right, red/blue, corporate media lenses) Internet censorship is a profoundly important issue as evidenced by the exchange between Edward Snowden and Elon Musk yesterday (via twitter).

History has always been written by the victors and now is the time to start taking notes and writing things down to ensure this never happens again. I am attempting to do so (many things are in draft form there as events are unfolding so fast I cannot get out content in a timely way that has a been checked for grammar. The human civilization is at a very dangerous tipping point. If we lose the right to speak freely on the internet, this means we are ripe for a totalitarian government to use COVID-19 as an excuse for total control, including the economic system. This is the first time in human civilization that healthy people have been quarantined.There has been no statistically significant excess mortality in every country I have looked that.Something is drastically wrong with the “global COVID-19 narrative”. The World Economic Forum has been pushing to bring in central bank digital currency for years. In the past few months the plans have become more public.

One thing we can do to be part of be part of the solution is to take control of our communication lines.

Step 1: Send messages to all your international friends and family and tell them you are no longer using WhatsApp and are moving to Telegram.

Step 2: Install a landline in your house if you have any concerns the internet may go down unexpectedly.

Step 3: Join MeWe and plan to migrate off Facebook. Figure out the friends you have on Facebook that you would want to be in contact with in an emergency situation and find a different way to stay in touch with them. Consider creating groups in Telegram to have exchanges with various groups you are involved in

Step 4: Connect with current and former friends as much as you are comfortable doing so.Practice the art of compassionate communication.Start with people who you have a good rapport with and a common interest. Focus on finding common ground and talking about friends and family at first.Note: this is VERY challenging right now.Only do this if you are comfortable doing so and in a calm emotional state.Do not try to convince the other person that you are right.Focus on listening and re-connecting with a fellow human being.Practice deep breathing if the conversation goes sideways.Try to find politically neutral words (this is more difficult than it appears).Again, only do this if you are comfortable and have a good relationship with the person and desire to keep the relationship.

Step 5: Consider using a VPN so that "big tech" does not know what country you are in.

I have no idea where this is going either.In my opinion this is an economic, spiritual and information war on the same scale as a World War and the events in Nazi Germany.It is very subtle and difficult for most people to comprehend.For some mysterious reason, much scientific information cannot be found on corporate mainstream media.Most citizens have 100% faith in their state media.I am in that small but growing part of the world who does not trust mainstream media.

One baby step forward at a time.


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