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January 7, 2021 In the year 2020, wearing a mask became a social and political custom / mandate. It can be used to send subtle signals to people. You can make your own mask with whatever message you want to send to one person or a group. It is like any "technology", it can be used for good or evil. As of January 7, 2021 the mask internationally signifies submission to the "banksters" - those the control the money supply on the planet. In the early days of "C-19", I thought that perhaps this virus was a bioweapon manufactured in Wuhan China, with links to laboratories in Manitoba, Canada or Fort. Detrick USA. I was the first person I know of that purchased a N95 Mask. I was also the first person that I know of to stock up on toilet paper. kidding. No, I stocked up on disinfectant, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves and food. I sent my children in Canada money. It was all I could do to keep them safe at the time. This is the mask I designed as a signalling device. In reality my signalling devices were much more varied. I wore t-shirts with specific logos to get people talking about deeper issues in a casual way. I made my own masks with the words "Cash Friday, I heart Ivermectin" and various others on it. I would pull off my mask off the second I left my local shop. I attempted to enter stores without a mask regularly and I even got custom license plates made. We are living in a duality so we need to get creative about getting our needs met and helping our fellow humans understand a more broader perspective than what is choreographed by old school media. P.S. Turn off your TV!


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