In the year 2020, wearing a mask became a social and political custom / mandate. It can be used to send subtle signals to people. You can make your own mask with whatever message you want to send to one person or a group. It is like any "technology", it can be used for good or evil. As of January 7, 2021 the mask internationally signifies submission to the "banksters" - those the control the money supply on the planet. Cultural context 1 Elaine - Canadian expat in Costa Rica in March 2020 In the early days of "COVID-19" I thought that perhaps this virus was a bioweapon manufactured in Wuhan China, with links to laboratories in Manitoba, Canada or Fort. Dietrick? USA. I was the first person I know of that purchased a N95 Mask. I was also the first person that I know of to stock up on toilet paper. kidding. No, I stocked up on disinfect, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves and food. I sent my children in Canada money. It was all I could do to keep them safe at the time. Other words that changed definitions often in 2020 were "Normal", "Karen" and many others. TBC This is the mask the Elaine designed as a signalling device.