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The Bank of Canada
surveyed Canadians to find out what they thought about a digital dollar from May 8 to June 19, 2023.  Over 85,000 Canadians participated

The results are not public yet.  


What the Central Bankers are saying

Every country has a central bank that is responsible for conducting monetary policy by adjusting the supply of money, usually through buying or selling securities in the open market.  However the central bank of central banks is the Bank of International Settlements headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.  Listen to what the big cheese of central banks is saying about Central Bank Digital Currency.. 

50 second clip from Augustin Carstens - General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements. 

Meet The Team

Is it Central Bank Digital Currency or Central Bank Digital Control?

Me personally, I am leaning towards this being digital control.  What do you think?  Write your comments below this page and let me know what you are thinking..

What Canadian politicians that are currently in power doing to  oppose CBDCs?


Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 9.51.38 AM.png
I don't know anything about CBDC.  Where can I get an independent analysis on the topic?

The Conservative Party has launched a campaign to reject a central bank digital currency
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