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Jumping in.... to politics

August 13, 2019


So today is the day I decided to "jump in". I have been considering it for a long time. I have been on the path towards this for a few years now. I have been researching the dark side of globalism, wanting to find information that I was wrong. I wanted to know that everything was fine in the world and that I could go back to living in a bubble and not have to get involved in a public way.

But, I just can't do it anymore. It is time to take action and sign up for the best team I can find and join in! Today I decided to become the Secretary for my local riding for the People's Party of Canada. I know I am going to get flack from people about this. The mainstream media portrays the party in a negative light. However, in my opinion they are the only party that even comes close to identifying the most important issue of the day which in my opinion protecting and enabling free speech.

I've been combing around the internet engaging with other Canadians discussing the policies of the PPC. I have found it to be very engaging and I feel more hopeful about the future of Canada given the open dialogue we are having in the group and seeing real solutions proposed and discussed.

So tonight, hopefully I can rest a bit easier that I am not going to have to face youth knowing that I knew something was wrong but didn't say anything. I see all the signs of Nazi Germany starting to happen again. My family heritage is German and I know how hard it was on my grandparents immigrating to Canada. They tried to pretend they weren't German.

That isn't going to be me. At least I can say to future generations that "I did my best to speak out and get involved". I have no idea where this is going to go. I have never been involved in politics before and don't know what to expect but it is time to jump in and be brave. It is scary... but it has to be done so I can sleep at night.

On many occasions I wish that I didn't know all the things I know. I wish I didn't have this deep desire to figure what was wrong in the world. I wish I didn't have the luxury of doing deep research for years to know what I know now. But I did. I am sure there is a day I will feel grateful for the freedom to do that. Right now... it just feels scary and foreign.

As they say "feel the fear and do it anyway!!" Here goes!!

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