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Musings on the Edge.. Part 1

I arrived in Costa Rica a few days ago. I was desperately seeking an escape from rainy season in the big city. I live in a high-density area in Vancouver, Canada. There is a lot of traffic that seems to get slower and louder each day. I live in a nice (small) condo which I quite like as it has a place for me to conveniently charge my electric car. Christmas created much stress in my life even though I am not a big shopper and have learned how to simplify my life.

As I grow in my spiritual awareness, the Christmas season brings up many questions for me. What exactly is the real meaning of Christmas? How has our “happy holidays” culture changed so much from what began as a truly spiritual event? Was Jesus even born in December? Why does Christmas Day land so close to winter solstice which is a pagan tradition? Where the pagans bad people as I had been taught by my experience in a Catholic culture? What is magic? Is it real or a science fiction fantasy? Is the veil (between Earth and the spirti world) thinning? If not, how come my life is filled with so much synchronicity that it sometimes scares me?

To make a long story short, let’s just say this Christmas season was INTENSE! Meals were missed, people were disappointed, mis-communication was common and Christmas Day was a (how do I politely say cluster-f***?) umm.. wash out.

I have had many spiritual experiences over the past few years. I have seen and heard things with my own eyes and ears that others who were in the same place haven’t. I have experienced “knowings” or what may be best described as telepathic messages from an unseen source to go to a specific place and do a specific thing. Once I do that, often what happens can only be described as miraculous. I have come to change my reaction to such events from shock to curiosity. I have seen with an inner eye in meditation what appears to be a visual / energetic explanation of how things transmute or manifest from the mind into physical form. As far as I am aware, the few people that have experienced such things in the past lived in monasteries and meditated for years before gaining access to this knowledge. My reason for describing this is not boast or make myself available for public judgement, but more to explain how my “consciousness” or world view has evolved in the last two years.

Needless to say, when I arrived here, I needed some time to reset myself. I craved time in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of what I have come to call “man-made interference” (EMF exposure, cyber-hacking, cyber-viruses, “fear-porn” media and interacting with people who believe that their main reason for being on the planet is to accumulate as much money as possible). I have grown to have deep respect for the ecosystem, my neighbor, and high compassion for people in other countries and social classes that are arguably supporting my “free” lifestyle merely by being born in a different country and working very long hours. The purpose of this blog is to give me a positive creative outlet for the thoughts that flow through my head and cause confusion to my inner circle as it is hard for me to find words in the moment that accurately describe how profoundly deeply I believe that the human species needs an “evolutionary jump” to survive.

From what I can see so far, Costa Rica is doing many things right and some quite a bit better than what is being done in my native country of Canada. I see cows grazing leisurely on grass in the fields, people behaving very responsibly towards the environment with what seems like an innate understanding that we (animals, plants and humans) are all connected and we need to take care of each other in order to survive. I have not seen one homeless person so far and very little evidence of any opiod or fentanyl crisis.

As I start my quest to:

  1. Be able to interact in Spanish with locals for a full day without referring to any technology

  2. Start each day with a fresh smoothie

  3. Figure out how to sustainably spend four months of the year in a tropical peaceful climate

I am asking myself the following questions:

CULTURE - Has the North American culture eroded so much that there is no hope for future generations? What is the future of global culture? Are we going to all end up wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music, have reduced attention spans and have a maximum of two weeks of vacation time per year? Have we lost the ability to support artists and creative types so that all of us can enjoy both art and science?

LIFESTYLE - Are we destined to live in smaller and smaller places, be exposed to ever increasing amounts of “man-made interference”, and eventually be forced into a totalitarian world/corporate government that does not represent the people?

MONEY - What is money? Where does it come from? How come the average person and average government is so far in debt these days that it seems to most that they will never be free to explore their passions?

SPIRITUALITY - Is North American society spiritually bankrupt? If so, what are the implications of this for future generations?

FOOD - What is the future of the food industry? Will those at the lower end of the financial wellness scale ever be able to afford to eat healthy food? Why don’t we label genetically modified foods so that consumers can make informed choices about the food they consume?

ECONOMY - What is the future of the “global economy?” Will the wealth continue to be extracted by the 1%, sociopathic individuals and (unconscious) corporations? Are there any solutions that enable a more equitable share of wealth that still incentivizes innovation and hard work?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - What is the future of Artificial Intelligence? Are we destined to become cyborg like zombies? Or, will this technical revolution actually produce the rewards of reduced work weeks and increased leisure time that have continually been promised but never really experienced?

ENERGY SECTOR - What is the future of the energy sector? Will we kill the planet before we transition to a fossil free model? Will there be any humans left to see it?

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