Twitter Showdown begins

January 7, 2021 1:01pm

TBD for more examples. When blue checks get things completely backwards something is going on. Here I am in remote Costa Rica. We are used to wires getting crossed as we have a very diverse community here. We are used to things happening in 2-4 languages, technical failures, user errors, different cultures. So this something we do every day here. Let's see where this goes. 1:05 pm Matt Couch's twitter feed starts to go viral

1:08 the QAnon analysts start to trend

1:09 Twitter Trending topic starts to make sense to me

1:11 The China/CCP variable starts to emerge

1:12 Subtle statements exposing hippocritical politicians 1:15 Something big just happened.

1:17 Early signals indicate the Qanon analysts were right. Too early to tell

1:22. I receive a message via Protonmail from an emerging celebrity that he will add me on Signal. The message was sent 2 hours and 18 minutes ago. There is an international translation confusion (country code vs North American area code). This means I am really late or really early. Hard to say. I suspect too late because I feel no energy around it, meaning my intuition is not to drop everything and do something 1:27 I decide to turn off the emotional echo chamber formerly known as Facebook for the day. It is too difficult to go on Facebook and have a productive conversation. The only common ground I can find is personal relationships. It gets a bit boring posting "How are you doing?" on someones thread when they are posting blatantly false things they do not understand and are merely parroting it from the corporate bought out media. 1:29. I check my Telegram. I have hundreds of messages from random people. Something is really going on.. 1:38 I start to look to Mother Nature and especially the birds for signals. Not the signal Elon Musk was talking about 1:42 well known whistleblower in independent media