draft-spiritual tone

Public Statement - Earth Process Improvement Department

January 5, 2021

Dear humans,

This is the first emergency broadcast from the Earth Process Improvement Department.

The faction on your planet known as “the mainstream” has no idea what is about to happen. They are blissfully, and in some cases, woefully ignorant that a major event will unfold tomorrow. Here is what our intel predicts. A massive protest by those seeking a free world will unfold in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. This process/protest/operation is intended to be peaceful. These “peaceful freedom fighters” will be met by opposition from traitors who have already delivered bricks to certain locations. They will have the same clothing as “peaceful freedom fighters” but will have their hats turned backward and aim to turn this protest violent. These traitors of Planet Earth are financed by the faction known as “the deep state”.

As is currently customary on your planet the faction known as the “mainstream media” will report on this event and will blame the “peaceful freedom fighters” that are with peaceful intentions and will not mention the role of “the deep state” nor any of its actors.

The faction knows as “mainstream” is waiting for their government to save them and get them a thing called a “COVID-19 vaccine”. They have no idea that those currently in government have been infiltrated deeply.

The economic and spiritual war has come to a turning point. The faction that is aware of this, we call them “spiritually mature humans” are doing their best to educate their family and friends. We urge them to continue to do so and to focus on compassion and common ground. The human known as “Elon Musk” has not publicly declared he will stop the Neurolink project. Therefore, our department has stepped in due to the gravity of the situation. We hereby request that this human stop this project immediately. This will enable his soul to become cleared.

Our team here in the Department of Process Improvement has special DNA lineage trapped in Ontario, Canada. This soul group needs to be released immediately.

We hereby launch a new operation on your planet End ONTARIO YOUTH Lockdown We demand that the young and healthy in that region immediately be released from lockdown. If this does not happen we will begin a more targeted campaign on the individuals specified. The current strategy for this campaign is to sending a team of citizen journalists to the properties of these people armed with live video cameras which will monitor their every movement. Every time they violate the rules they have imposed on their citizens; our department will give our team direction to take “one giant step” toward the homes of these politicians. Every time they release restrictions on the young and healthy, our department will give directions for them to take one step back. Where it goes from there is a matter of human free will and we do not take any responsibility for liability. We do this in solidarity with those who have developed the item commonly known as “Covid-19 vaccinations”. We hereby request that scientists, doctors, nurses, police and firefighters in this region step forward publicly and support our request to release the young and the healthy from lockdown. We celebrate the bravery, intellect and compassion of Police on Guard for Thee and extend an invitation for other qualified humans to join their group. We reserve the right to change this strategy as the situation evolves.

The data point currently known as the “PCR Test” continues to be a stumbling block in this situation/operation.

Please prepare yourself for change.

We extend compassion to 99.99999% of benevolent humans. We are deeply grateful to the Dalai Lama for his leadership in this regard. This is a time of great change on your planet. We acknowledge the strength of your soul and your desire to be on the planet at this time.

Be free, be kind, be BRAVE

Namaste ,


On behalf of Director, Earth Process Improvement