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PCW Post COVID World

What is the Post COVID world going to look like? August 22 , 2020

I don't really know. It could go either way. It could be an economic apocalypse or an entry way into a more compassionate society. I have been thinking about that for a few weeks. I have not got very far on that angle. I have been distracted by being part of COVID-twitterville. We are a bunch of rag tag people with no political influence working day and night keeping our governments accountable. We are digging deep into the corners of the internet most people don't know exist. We know this thing could go either way both on the health angle and on the economic angle. We give each other subtle hints about where to look to find real solutions. We have broken through the health part of this story with whistleblowers and bringing people together. We have taken chances, we have connected with each other reluctantly. We have crossed borders, changed teams, built bridges, promoted each other and shamed those that need shaming. In essence we have held the world leaders accountable. We have been paid zero dollars and zero pesos for this work. You are welcome lol Anyway.. these are my early thoughts on what this PCW needs to look like. It isn't finished... it is just a rough draft because that is where we are now. We don't have time to shine things up and put them in a marketing package for consumption by everyone, we are working on content not marketing right now

P. Post. Partition. Decentralize or open source everything imaginable – especially the banking industry

C COVID Compassion at the heart (core, centre) of all businesses, for customer, stakeholders, employees and yes shareholders. The shareholders are going to increase both patience and compassion, and they will be happy to due so once they understand the magnitude of the problem.

W War – no more!! No more war period.

an early draft

That is all I have so far. It will evolve and change and it might be totally abandoned. But I am doing the best I can with what I have for my family, friends and the extremely fragile economy and extremely opaque economic governance system. Note: Edited for spelling and tone: June, 2022

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