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Gathering Courage to join the resistance

April 20, 2020

I write this as I am contemplating what to say in my second OpEd. To my surprise someone I had never met before found my tweets on twitter and asked me to write an OpEd on economic issues. I wrote about the state of the Global Economy and that there needs to be a changing of the guard. You can read it here. Somehow the article made it to Germany and New Zealand as I received emails from people there how much it resonated. I also noticed a sharp increase in my twitter activity. I was thinking nobody was going to read it but I needed to say it anyway. This second one I wanted to write is one a very controversial topic and one that I normally shy away from. It is related to COVID and how the numbers are being used to scare people into accepting a mandatory medical treatment.

Dear diary,

Do I really have the courage to do this? Trust yourself Karen. Remember those times in your life when you realized that you had an unusual penchant for Math. That time you got 100% on your Physics midterm when the (cute and very smart) quarterback of the football team got 99% and how your teacher really played it up.

That time in MBA school on the Space Shuttle Challenger launch exercise. You had to decide “go” or “no go” on our own and then choose which team to belong to. You were one of the outliers then, mired in the self-doubt of a single mom in a group of mainly male and mainly younger high achievers. You promised yourself that for the first time in your life, you would “be myself”. When the prof asked the 10% of you who were on the “no go” team, you answered honestly. “There is something wrong with the numbers. I didn’t have time for a full calculation but they don’t seem right so I wouldn’t risk someone’s life for money.” In this Coronavirus event, there is something drastically wrong with the numbers we are using to guide our decisions. You know we need new models, just say it. Having said that, the Government of BC in Canada is doing a good job with creating new models shown here

Remember the time you stood on the back deck of your house in suburban Vancouver. You had this aching feeling something was wrong with the world. That was approximately 5 years ago, while you were still working as a Process Improvement specialist in the corporate world. You had a very naïve understanding of the global governance framework. You had yet to meet and befriend your first whistleblower. You didn’t know yet what you were resisting but you knew you weren’t going to stand idly by this time and let it happen.

Right now, the sovereignty of human beings and national governments are under threat. Censorship has been increasing over the past 12-18 months. You know what the “stereotypical Karen’s” [1] are thinking because you used to be one. “Conventional Karen’s” could not conceive how any person or group of persons could be so cold and calculating that they would intentionally harm people. They can’t conceive of the possibility that a network of elites with billions to spend could infiltrate and control global organizations. They can’t conceive how there could be a “shadow banking sector” that operates with complete disregard to humanity. They want to cling to the belief that everything is fine in the world and therefore they experience cognitive dissonance with information that goes contrary to that worldview and do not consider any information that violates their worldview. They probably have not spent hours defining metrics for an organization and seen how they become the only thing people care about because it is related to their pay. Your saddened heart knows this is a reality. You have had this validated by facts, data and personal experiences over the past 5 years. You need to say it. Deep breathe. You got this. Update: June 27, 2023. I did write two more academic type of articles and they there are published here and here.

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