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Conversations with the "other side"

July 23, 2019

physical evidence from the other side

I have experienced many mystical moments in the past five years. I've become somewhat used to them. When they occur, it no longer rocks my world. I have become more adept at taking it in stride, figuring out "safe people" to talk to about it and sharing my experience with others who have had similar experiences. I have also become more adept at blending into groups and not saying too many things out of the ordinary. I am an extravert, so making new friends and being part of a group is very important to me. I try and drop hints that perhaps things aren't what they seem or that perhaps there is another version of history that is not well known but makes more sense in the grand scheme of things.

Well...I had a series of them over the past week. Normally, I don't share these things publicly but something inside of me is urging me to write about it as I am pretty sure these things are happening to other people as well and by me making my experience public it opens up the path for others to share as well. I don't have grandchildren currently, but everything I have read about the current state of the planet and the experiences I have had convince me that the next generation of children born on the planet are going an amazing group of souls who come with more of their DNA activated and have skills that are not well recognized and not very common on the planet. So, in a way me sharing my stories is paving the way for my future grand children. Oh... future grandkids on the other side, if you are reading this please note that it is not yet time for you here. None of us are ready yet!! lol

It started on Sunday, July 14 when I somewhat reluctantly went to a seance. I have never been to one and although it didn't sound totally weird to me, I went more to get out of the house than to participate. In the meeting, I was more of an observer and didn't participate much. In the end, I thought "I am wasting my time here" so I decided there was nothing to lose by asking about someone I knew who had passed, So.. I asked about my mom who passed on June 4, 2004.

I don't really know what I was expecting. Well.. I have to be honest I expected a whole bunch of vague comments that could apply to pretty much anybody and therefore didn't really prove anything. The message I got was "she was a very loving mother, a bit of a saint, she was not human, she says you need to dance more." I asked if she had anything say to my brothers and the seance leader says, "she was a saint, she isn't saying anything". That actually made sense to me. In my years of doing independent research into the extraterrestrial hypothesis , the history and current problems of humanity I had come across such information before and have accepted it as a very valid hypothesis, that the human race was genetically engineered somehow with advanced technology from another star system. I don't walk around saying that and I am not 100% convinced but I accept it as a valid hypothesis that needs testing but isn't likely to get tested by mainstream academia anytime soon.

That night, we went to a friends place for a wonderful salmon dinner. I am normally that person in the middle of the conversation engaging with everyone. But that night, I moved my chair away from the crowd, I was observing things from another angle. In retrospect I was observing things from how my mom saw them, as a group that she didn't belong to and couldn't fully participate in for one reason or another.

At one point I got up to go to the washroom. I heard a song called "You Should be Dancing" by the Bee Gees play on my friends music system. It didn't register consciously but I went a bit deeper into my own thoughts. I came back to the group and then went into the living room to look for something. Again, this same song was playing. This time it registered. OMG! That was the "alleged" message from my mom. It stopped me in my tracks. I decided, what the heck, why not start dancing by myself in my friend's living room. So I did. I experienced such a burst of joy and a feeling of being connected to my mom on the other side. Connecting with the other side is generally done via telepathy which is why it is so god damn tricky for those of us with a scientific education and are hard core materialists at heart. However, since this is not the first time this has happened to me, I was surrounded with friends who have also had these experiences and because I felt such a strong emotion when I was dancing I let go. My mom asked if she could guide me from the other side. I have to be honest, I did not accept right away. I bargained. One of my big fears sense stepping into the spiritual realms is ending up in what I call spiritual poverty. People who dedicate their lives to humanity and end up at the end of their lives with insufficient financial resources to live in freedom in the material world. So, I asked her to join up with someone on the other side who had achieved financial wellness in their human life and then I would consider it. So that's how we left it. There was some conversation that when we got together I would be helping humans unite and she would help those in other planets unite. This kind of made sense to me but I was still a bit skeptical. I was touched but still focused on ways to influence my material financial reality. She asked me to spend a week opening myself to write.

Fast forward six days. I did not do any writing. I was focused on the material plane and getting my good friend's 60th birthday party organized. I spent the day getting ready for the party. I decided to have a nap before everyone came so I would be refreshed for the festivities. In my dream, I had just woken up, there was a knock at the door by someone who has early (which is a bit of a "no no" for me - I am never ready early), it turns out that person was my brother who lives in another city. I awoke confused. Then I realized that my girlfriend and former roommate had arrived 30 minutes early to help set up for the party. I jumped into the shower and did the last bit of setup for the party.

I have hosted many parties in my life. This time however, I was a bit more mindful of having interesting non-alcoholic drinks available for people. I was proud of myself for that. One of my other friends arrived and asked for some cold water. I thought to myself "oh man.. first time I get it together to have club soda and exotic juices for people and someone asks for water". My friend then asks if I have a pitcher that we can put water and ice in. I have been out of the country for many months and wasn't quite sure what I had. I look into the sideboard where my "fancy stuff" is stored. I find a pewter pitcher which fits the occasion perfectly. I take a mental note to myself that this was one of the gifts I organized for my family members after my mother's death. I had organized giving mom's jewellry to each granddaughter and pewter dishes to each grandson. The pewter pitcher is what I gave myself and if I remember correctly to each of my brothers. I take this all in stride as I have a party to facilitate.

A few hours later, myself and another girlfriend find a quiet time to chat. She was recalling her mystical story from a few weeks ago when she was aware of "divine intervention" or "heightened synchronicity" as it was happening. She ended up driving a man with dementia to his home, he had been reported missing to the police and his family was very grateful to her. We talked a little more of the identity of the man and I realized that I knew him. My friend and I have learned to communicate in a non-traditional way by listening to our bodies. I said to my friend "OMG. I think he was my mom's hairdresser!". Our bodies were both covered in goose bumps. Yes... it was true. We have learned to listen to these rushes of energy when we are talking about mystical things..

About an hour later, the same friend who arrived early to the party comes up to me and gives me a black bag. Her and I were roommates together so we both thought this was something that I must have left at her place by accident. I look into the bag and see a object wrapped in newspaper and a card that was never mailed. I have a suspicion it was a birthday gift that I bought for my brother in Mexico and never mailed. I open it up and yes it was. There was even the un-mailed card with my former return address on it. I have a thought to myself "if this is a gift I got for my brother's 60th birthday I am going to be flabbergasted.. It is like a present from my mom." I open up the card and OMG! that is exactly what it was. I stand there stunned... It was a delayed 60th birthday gift for my brother that I had dreamed about earlier in the day. It was brought to me by my former roommate that arrived early to the party, and it was on the same day as on of my good friend's 60th birthday". How is this s**t even possible???

Now.. it's time to re-direct my attention to the physical. I know for sure that there are entities "beyond the veil" wanting to connect with humans in a loving way. I know for sure the world is in a state of chaos. What I do not know though is what I am supposed to do and how to balance the linear and the quantum. I am open to what happens today.. That's all I know now.

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