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Canadian Bank Reform

December 15, 2016

Why would a woman leave a comfortable corporate job, spend a year doing independent analysis and decide to to work on Canadian Bank Reform? Yep.. I ask myself that question at times. It would be sooo much easier to have just stayed where I was. The thing is... I just couldn't. After returning from Peru I had a soul-level knowing that something was wrong with the state of humanity on the planet. A lifetime of apathy blasted off me and I couldn't ignore the fact that people with much fewer financial resources than myself were really suffering. I was "obsessed" to figure out why. Previously, it had never occurred to me to question the fundamentals of a capitalist system. OK.. well that isn't 100% true. I developed an allergic reaction to my Economics class during my Masters. It just repelled me. I had the sense that some of the assumptions they were making were fundamentally error-prone. Apart from that though, I didn't really think about it. I just accepted it as a reality and a game that I needed to figure out to make sure I had enough money in retirement. So now.. I spend days looking up progressive economists, studying their work, and gathering up knowledge on the subject. Today I wrote up a proposal for a documentary on the subject. I google things like "how to start a movement". I attended my first protest a few weeks ago.

When the snow set in, and my electric car couldn't tackle the hills at the place I am staying, I slept on my friends couch. I was really tempted to just escape to Mexico, Panama or Costa Rica. Instead, I reminded myself that I decided to forego spending the rainy Vancouver months on a Mexican beach to work on this initiative. I can't look my kids in the eye if I am not fully doing everything in my power to make this planet (starting with this country) function better for the majority.

This is the link for the first event we organized in Vancouver. So.. my introduction at the beginning was a little fast. I'm slowly getting used to being an advocate for global economic reform.

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